Gear ProShop

The XGear Proshop has an array of wearables from casual tees to athletic performance wear, caps, shorts, warm-ups, boxing wraps and gloves. Ladies who forget a hair band for their workout are even in luck!

Group Exercise Class Schedule

Class Descriptions



M-F 5am - 9pm

Sat 8am - 4pm


24 Hour Access

Available for Members

After Closing and

All Day Sunday


Meal Planner and Smoothie Bar

Tanning Services

XTC has 2 tanning beds with package options to fit your needs. All packages are unlimited use. Choose from 1 year package at $25/month; 6 month package at $30/month; 3 month package at $35/month; 1 month package for $40

XTC Extras

Tony Cruz knows what it means to need more hours in the day!

That's why XTC offers conveniences such as tanning beds,

the XGear ProShop, a smoothie bar and more.